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16 Mar 2019

Early this year, I was lucky enough to be picked as a Swimming Australia ambassador for Australia Swims. I also had the chance to meet and do a radio interview with Brooke Hanson. 

This autobiography is about Brooke Hanson and her swimming career. She had many obstacles...

16 Mar 2019

This book has 3 different dog adventures in it. The first one is about a dog out in the wild and he gets taken to an adoption centre and gets adopted.  He and his owner get into a lot of adventures. All the stories are connected because the first dog is all the dogs: b...

9 Jan 2019

Tally Hamilton doesn't want to get sent off to boarding school because of the war that is happening. The boarding school isn't just any boarding school, it is crazy and inspiring. She lives in a Kingdom named Bergania and she loves it there, but when the kingdom gets i...

15 Dec 2018

Greg's father wants him to start exercising instead of playing video games. His dad also wants him to toughen up, but Greg doesn't want to. While his dad is trying to get him out and exercising, he starts to play video games again. When his dad threatens him to go to m...

15 Dec 2018

In this book, Greg has a secret that no one knows about, but when he finds out his brother Rodrick knows, he gets worried. He is scared because his brother could bully him about it or tell other people it and then they could bully him. But when he goes to school everyo...

3 Dec 2018

Clem finds a mysterious snow globe and when she looks in it her friend Dylan is inside it. She doesn't know how he got in there, she thinks maybe because of their magical powers they have. 

Now she has to try and get Dylan out of the snow globe before he gets to cold. O...

26 Nov 2018

Fidelia (an eleven year old girl) goes on a mission to find a lost treasure. Her parents died in an old submarine and she is left on her own. All she has left is a big pirate ship and marine scientist equipment. On the way to find the treasure she encounters a gigantic...

18 Nov 2018

Matthew Flanagan and his family live on Alcatraz. His dad has been promoted to Associate Warden. When their apartment gets burnt down, his big sister gets blamed for it. Matthew doesn't think she did so he wants to prove that she is innocent. He thinks their old friend...

 In this Treehouse book, Andy and Terry get ready to make a movie. They re-enact adventures they have had in their other books. Like feeding the sharks Terry's pants and Terry getting trapped in a bubble. When Andy finds out that the movie doesn't involve him, he gets...

Max Einstein is a 12 year old girl who loves Albert Einstein. Her family has passed away and she lives with Mr Kennedy (a good friend of hers). One day Max is recruited by an organisation run special geniuses. Max finds out that a person called Dr Zimm is after her. Wh...

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